When you open an app, you never imagine the brilliant things that can exist inside it, it's a whole new world of possibilities. Every time we create a game our purpose is to create a world of positive energies to dazzle the imagination and this only happens if we tumble the coin.

Broken Bot


An alien ship has taken possession of multiple cities on planet earth, deploying countless robots that no weapon created can destroy. After the failure of the attack, humans have been relegated to an underground world and scientists have built secret laboratories, and developed their first prototype of the Leviathan project, an exoskeleton made up of robots and dinosaur head with lethal jaws and brute force. There are portals scattered around places where robots can be transported from one place to another making it hard to locate but once encountered a single discharge of Leviathan weapon can blow them into pieces.

Water Blades


An unexplored world lies in the depths of the sea, with mines from ancient ships waiting for a first-time sailor to explode into a thousand pieces. Stones surround this cave under the sea, you can withstand a blow, but not enough to prevent the grim reaper takes your soul to the depths of the sea, leaving a black death in you. Any young and inexperienced sailor would escape this adventure, because not all of us are made for the dangers of the mighty sea, but you would leave the rewards and treasures that lie at the bottom of the sea.

Rocky Hill


Mysterious creatures inhabit the Enchanted Forest, a place full of majestic trees and bushes so dense and tall that sunlight only shines at the main path of the forest. There are countless trails and anyone unfamiliar with this place is doom to be lost forever, but at the heart of the forest, no light shines above the trail, you must be alert for the slightest sign of danger, the creatures once friendly and harmless become treacherous and terrifying, the path once delimited by bushes, start to split on endless trails with riddled traps that take over you’re once happy journey.

Alien Conquer


Jim approaches the window of his room in the lunar base, the view displays the horizon with the planet earth and satellites cruising around it. In the car, Kate programs the control panel and sets the target, then the engine starts, and propulsion system turns on. The engine stops at the destination and in front of them two lunar dirt towers appear, with holes on all sides and in a path in center whose direction is down. Inside the hive, an ambush awaits them, an endless number of circular alien creatures with bulges all over their bodies pounce on them.

Tulip Catcher


I'm out of tulips, and they mentioned that there is a simple job, putting on a balaclava and waiting outside a vivarium. Other people inside the vivarium will be in charge of throwing the old-fashioned tulips and rewards into bags, I must catch the bags that fall and we will divide the loot. It is necessary to take precautionary measures, I have heard that in some vivariums they place bags of fake tulips that explode into a thousand pieces, making anyone near the explosion lose consciousness.



Where is my fair maiden? I don't remember what happened, I just know that I'm not with her anymore. The air flows inside me, in a blink of an eye, my body rises, then, I reach a point where the air makes me turn around, now my view is upside down; the dark cave is filled with sparkles of diamonds and metals, so dim that makes everything grey. The rocky terrain becomes my soil, my feet fall on the ground, I look up and a beam of light from a beautiful rose that lies at the end illuminates my path.

Doodle Pong


In my science exam, a doodle caught my attention, I tried to erase it, but as I got closer a portal beams me to a world of doodles. Impossible! This can't be real. I must finish the exam or I will repeat the course and there is no way I will do that, a clip appeared at the top of my exam, It hit the pencil and it bounced off, I thought it was finished and I was ready to go for the same portal, but more elements appeared and I realized that the exam would be longer than expected.

Enlighten: Math Lover


Logan was enjoying a family time when a black hole beams him into a tunnel of psychedelic lights, leaving him in a desolated world full of asteroids and energy barriers that shoot lightning bolts in all directions. Despite his sadness, Logan decided to continue exploring this mysterious land, a strange figure was on the horizon, as he got closer, he noticed a ship equipped with weapons and thrusters. The journey begins, Logan jumps into action, but a wall of energy closes his path and when he looks at the control panel placed in his ship, he observes a mathematical exercise.

Alien Conquer: Traveller


On Planet Nuk, Quadrant 2E has Station 7X, a sector rich in Anuiun Crystals of brilliant magenta colors; Once processed with this material is possible to create weapons and strong buildings. The Saskis, mine the Anuiun Crystals in order to spread and dominate the universe, these creatures have poisonous tweezers, pulpy eyes that observe all and their only weakspot is a direct blow in the head. At the interstellar base, the radars indicated readings of saskis heading towards station 7X. Frightened, they decide to send Space Commander Jim to stop the plague once and for all.

Financial Inn


Doge, is a puppy, who has decided to build the most beautiful hotel for travelers in Amsterdam. The blueprints are ready, but he does not have the money or knowledge of the financial concepts to build and manage his hotel. He searches for help at the Beehive Bank with Walter, who introduces him to Earnie, the accountant who guides him through the concepts and process to develop his business. Doge focuses on the administration of his hotel, performing maintenance through repairs, and improving the building; but these expenses need to be controlled, because otherwise his cash will always be insufficient.